Emma – Jewelry Namesake

I wrote the following during an internship with a jewelry company, Fleuri. Each piece of jewelry is named after an influential woman. I had the opportunity to write several of the Namesake Blogs for the pieces.

Emma Hart Willard, an American women’s rights activist, dedicated her life to education. Her work in women’s education would eventually initiate the establishment of high schools for girls, colleges for women, and coed universities. She worked in several schools and founded the first school for women’s higher education in New York where she daringly taught her students science and math and educated hundreds of future teachers.

In 1802, Willard enrolled in her first school, only two years later in 1804 she was teaching there, just two years after that, she was President of the school for a term. Emma grasped and understood difficult concepts to learn. Eventually teaching said concepts, came exceptionally easy to Willard, making her an ideal professor. 

Emma opened her own school, the Troye Female Seminary, in 1819 after the town of Troye had resolved to raise money to build the first school for girls. Willard remained the Principal of the Troy Female Seminary until 1838, by which time hundreds of graduates, many of them teachers, had been shaped by her philosophy. 

Our Emma hoops, which consist of a solid 14K gold hoop and feature a magnificent diamond charm, prompt us to stand up for what we believe in and do so with some extra sparkle.

Dedicated to Emma Hart Willard (1787-1870).