Lia – Jewelry Namesake

I wrote the following during an internship with a jewelry company, Fleuri. Each piece of jewelry is named after an influential woman. I had the opportunity to write several of the Namesake Blogs for the pieces.

As Polo continues to become a more popular sport around the world, especially in South America, Lia Salvo inspires young women everywhere. With some of the world’s finest Polo players in Argentina, women like Lia struggle to find a place in the sport primarily dominated by men. Lia Salvo is a big part in why women have a place in the sport at all.

With roughly one hundred horses, Lia alongside her father, works to find horses best suitable for female players. Women who go to Argentina to play in the tournaments often look to Lia as a guide. Many women even pay Lia to play on their team in several tournaments in Argentina and around the world.

Salvo recently became the first woman to win the Jockey Club Polo Open and continues only to improve her expertise on what horses perform best and her skill in playing the growing sport.

Defy all odds as you wear our smallest hoop that will add sophistication to any look. Our Lia hoops are meant to be worn on and off of the playing field.

Dedicated to Lia Salvo (1987-Present).