Hedy – Jewelry Namesake

I wrote the following during an internship with a jewelry company, Fleuri. Each piece of jewelry is named after an influential woman. I had the opportunity to write several of the Namesake Blogs for the pieces.

The classically beautiful actress was both poise and brilliance. At only five years old, Lamarr was fascinated by machines and she was well versed in the arts. Lamarr’s mind was quickly ignored as her timeless beauty took her to Hollywood where American’s watched in awe as the actress made a name for herself in the late 1930s. 

After her genius ideas were put on hold for the entertainment industry, Lamarr met a pilot named Howard Hughes. With Hughes’ help, Lamarr’s imagination and curiosity for the functions of different machines was reignited. Lamarr set up a small room in her house dedicated to her small inventions that she would tinker with between shooting films for the big screen.

The gears to her inventive mind continued to turn as Lamarr discovered “frequency hopping”, a new communication technique that is now recognized as Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Lamarr’s patent for the invention expired before she ever saw a penny from it. She is recognized today as the “mother of Wi-Fi”.

Lamarr once said, “Improving things comes naturally to me.” Any outfit is easily and effortlessly improved when paired with our beautiful strand of pearls, named after the actress and inventor herself.

Dedicated to Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000).